From the recording Night Eyes

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Produced by Matthew Rogers
Written by Savannah Leigh Wellman & Matthew Rogers
2015 TIny Kingdom Records


Can you feel the wind
Picking up speed
Speaks to the soul
And begs it to leave
Seeking the thrills
Craving the highs
Chasing the light
It's how we get by, yah it's how we get by

It's the trademark of a restless breed
Oh that needs the open air to breathe

Hold on to me
This is where we wanna be

Can you hear the road
Calling for you
Like a stone that rolls
We don't wanna grow roots
Travellers by day
Lovers by night
Leaving it all
We gotta take flight, yah we gotta take flight

Oh they know just how to spot our kind
Cause there's something wild in our eyes

Hold on to me
This is where we wanna be

I'm not a name taker
But I like you around
I'm not a lone ranger
But I'm tough to pin down
I'm not a game changer
Nobody wants to be used
I'm not a heartbreaker
I'm just searching for truth
For truth, for my truth